Selkirk’s YouTube channel has been a huge success! The first event we streamed has been viewed 285 times! Once the channel reaches 1000 subscribers we can access YouTube features that will let us bring an even better streaming experience to you. Please subscribe to the Selkirk Schools channel and encourage everyone you know to do the same! Thank you for your support!
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Remember to tune in to our Youtube channel today at 4:00 p.m. to watch some Selkirk football this afternoon! Today is Senior Night!! Cusick is allowing us to play on their field for our game against Republic. Check it out at:
2 days ago, Selkirk School District
Ready to watch some Ranger Football? Thanks to Cusick School District and the Kalispel Tribe you can watch as the Rangers compete against the Panthers at Cusick on Thursday, February 25 at 4:00 p.m. In person viewing is by invitation only, so check out this link (the only sanctioned streaming link from Cusick):
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Cusick vs Rangers Streaming Link
Remember to tune in to our Youtube channel today at noon to watch some Selkirk volleyball! Today is Senior Night!! Check it out at:
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Want to watch some Selkirk Ranger football tonight from the comfort of your own home? Rangers travel to Hunters today to take on the Lions who have graciously agreed to try filming. Kick off is 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. Check out this link:
14 days ago, Selkirk School District
Finally!! We are very excited to be able to offer a sports season for our student-athletes. While it will look different than normal as much everything else has this past year, we are happy for the opportunity to play and compete. As you can imagine there will be some changes to the game day experience and the numbers of spectators will unfortunately be very limited. At this time we will NOT be able to open games to the general public. Student-athletics have been given a limited number of tickets for family. For those of you who would like to catch the Ranger action, however, we are streaming our volleyball game on Thursday at the Selkirk YouTube channel:
16 days ago, Selkirk School District
Hello Ranger Fans! We are happy to announce that Selkirk now has its own YouTube channel! Tune in this Thursday at 6:00pm to watch a livestream of the first home volleyball game.
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Community members who are 65 years or older who are having difficulty accessing the COVID vaccine can fill out this Northeast TriCounty Health waitlist form. They are coordinating travelling vaccine sites once they have gathered enough names and receive vaccine shipments:
30 days ago, Selkirk School District
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No-Cost COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Tests Available at Walgreens. See the NEWS section at for details.
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Selkirk music teacher, Randi Lithgow, has produced another wonderful program with our 6-12 students. In 1983, President Ronald Regan declared the third Monday in January as Martin Luther King Jr. Day as a way to remind us to honor our common humanity and those timeless of values of service, dignity, compassion, and courage. This program in honor of Dr. King and those goals would typically be performed in the gymnasium for all 6-12 students, however, this year required a little creativity. Great job, Mrs. Lithgow and Selkirk students! We hope you take time to click on the link to watch our 14-minute video:
about 2 months ago, Selkirk School District
MLK I have a dream
Here is Selkirk's last holiday video for 2020! Our music teacher, Randi Lithgow, along with her middle and high school school music students produced this 13-minute video: With physical distancing requirements, a few students under quarantine, and other safety precautions, she and the students were creative in their efforts! We hope you have enjoyed our four holiday "shows": K-5 music program, 6-12 music program, and our two drama productions! See our webpage ( for links to all of them!
3 months ago, Selkirk School District
To continue celebrating the holiday season, we have two Selkirk drama productions to share! The 10-minute "How the Covid Stole Christmas" starring our high school actors ( is a fun parody of a holiday classic, and the 5-minute" Letters to Santa" stars our middle school cast ( Most of the "letters" came from a purchased script and students who allowed to edit them. One middle school student, Novalee, even wrote one herself! She reads three "letters", so see if you can guess which one she wrote! Again, with the restrictions regarding how long students could be near each other and the need for PPE, our drama advisor, Clarinda Vandyke had to be creative in filming and editing! We hope you enjoy these Selkirk productions from the comfort and safety of your homes. Happy Holidays!
3 months ago, Selkirk School District
Even with the safety restrictions that we were faced with this school year music teacher, Randi Lithgow, produced a wonderful elementary holiday "concert"! She was even able to work in cameo appearances by some of our students who were at home. Please click on the link to see our creative 25-minute 2020 Selkirk Elementary Holiday Concert:
3 months ago, Selkirk School District
No BLUE bus today, Thursday December 3. Route times for Orange, Purple, and Green routes may vary by a few minutes this afternoon.
3 months ago, Selkirk School District
In this 2-minute video Dr. Sam Artzis, Northeast TriCounty Health District (NETCHD) health officer, dispels rumors about school closures in the region and explains the health district's guidance to schools. NETCHD provides guidance to schools in Pend Oreille, Stevens, and Ferry counties. We appreciate Dr. Artzis and the rest of NETCHD staff who have been integral to Selkirk's ability to hold in-person education this fall.
3 months ago, Selkirk School District
This is a notification so parents and community can stay updated on facts related to school. Today, December 1, we had an elementary paraeducator test positive for COVID-19, likely from outside exposure. The employee has not been in school since the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. We have two elementary staff members who are considered close contacts and 8 elementary students that we are asking to quarantine. No other school personnel or students have tested positive or have symptoms. Remember close contacts are simply people who have spent more than 15 minutes within 6 feet of a person testing positive. It does not mean the close contact has the virus or will develop it. Quarantine is simply so those close contacts can watch for symptoms and not expose others if symptoms do develop. This is the best way to stop the spread of the virus. At the time of this notice, all close contacts have been sent home already. We knew we were not going to avoid this once the virus became more prevalent in our community. We will simply focus on what we can control: wearing masks, physical distancing, and hand hygiene. Please contact the school if you have questions.
3 months ago, Selkirk School District
11/12/20 Update: Our first positive COVID case 14 days ago resulted in 13 high school students identified as close contacts. Close contacts were required to quarantine at home for 14 days which is an VERY long time if you are a teenager! Today is their last day of quarantine and no one else has had a positive test result! The quarantine for those students is now over! We appreciate the effort that students and parents made to follow quarantine rules! We still have about 20 students and staff on quarantine for our other two positive cases but, hopefully, we can stop the spread with our efforts!
4 months ago, Selkirk School District
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Thank You Veterans for Your Service...Part 2! Selkirk High School Drama and Music programs collaborated to create a video tribute to those that have served. While we wish we could have held our annual in-person Veterans Day program for our community, in its place we hope you will take time to watch this wonderful production from our students and staff honoring veterans:
4 months ago, Selkirk School District
Veterans Day poster
Thank You Veterans for Your Service! Kathy Milliren's 3rd Class has created a video tribute to veterans: In addition to our veterans, Mrs. Milliren would like to the following who made this project possible: Selkirk Elementary Third Graders Fifth Grade Students: Raising the American Flag Mrs. Lithgow- Leading the Drumming Mrs. T.- Bulletin Board “Home of the Brave” Phaedrea Parker & Mailei Jungblom-Service Songs Nicol Lyons: Putting the Video together
4 months ago, Selkirk School District
11/10/20 Update: We knew we were never going to avoid a case in our school, but we made it to week #10 before we did! We have received the test results we'd been waiting on, so as of tonight, there are 3 confirmed COVID cases total: 1 staff member and 2 students all in grades 6-12. Any student (or staff member) determined to be a close contact of any of the three have already been notified by phone and are under a two week quarantine. Almost all of the quarantined students and staff are at the high school. However, a small number of elementary students were identified as close contacts because of their proximity to the students on the bus. One elementary staff member is under quarantine for close contact outside of school. It is important to note that close contacts are not ill but are asked by the health department to quarantine for 14 days to watch for symptoms. If someone under quarantine does develop symptoms, individuals with close contact to them from up to 48 hours before symptoms develop are then their close contacts, which is how the virus continues to spread. Most of the time, people are contagious before they recognize symptoms. However, if the identified individuals stay in quarantine, chances are we will stop or slow the spread because the only new close contacts will be those in their family. With the high school in remote learning for two weeks, we hope we can get a reset on this. Just like the popular children's book, "We're Going on a Bear Hunt", we can't go over it, we can't go under it, we just need to go through it!! We are building the best plans possible to keep everyone healthy and in school as much as we can. Stay healthy and remember to wear your masks, wash your hands, and maintain physical distancing when possible!
4 months ago, Selkirk School District