11/12/20 Update: Our first positive COVID case 14 days ago resulted in 13 high school students identified as close contacts. Close contacts were required to quarantine at home for 14 days which is an VERY long time if you are a teenager! Today is their last day of quarantine and no one else has had a positive test result! The quarantine for those students is now over! We appreciate the effort that students and parents made to follow quarantine rules! We still have about 20 students and staff on quarantine for our other two positive cases but, hopefully, we can stop the spread with our efforts!
18 days ago, Selkirk School District
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Thank You Veterans for Your Service...Part 2! Selkirk High School Drama and Music programs collaborated to create a video tribute to those that have served. While we wish we could have held our annual in-person Veterans Day program for our community, in its place we hope you will take time to watch this wonderful production from our students and staff honoring veterans: https://youtu.be/e9iFVB9NQD0.
19 days ago, Selkirk School District
Veterans Day poster
Thank You Veterans for Your Service! Kathy Milliren's 3rd Class has created a video tribute to veterans: https://youtu.be/7uPmFLjHZNs. In addition to our veterans, Mrs. Milliren would like to the following who made this project possible: Selkirk Elementary Third Graders Fifth Grade Students: Raising the American Flag Mrs. Lithgow- Leading the Drumming Mrs. T.- Bulletin Board “Home of the Brave” Phaedrea Parker & Mailei Jungblom-Service Songs Nicol Lyons: Putting the Video together
19 days ago, Selkirk School District
11/10/20 Update: We knew we were never going to avoid a case in our school, but we made it to week #10 before we did! We have received the test results we'd been waiting on, so as of tonight, there are 3 confirmed COVID cases total: 1 staff member and 2 students all in grades 6-12. Any student (or staff member) determined to be a close contact of any of the three have already been notified by phone and are under a two week quarantine. Almost all of the quarantined students and staff are at the high school. However, a small number of elementary students were identified as close contacts because of their proximity to the students on the bus. One elementary staff member is under quarantine for close contact outside of school. It is important to note that close contacts are not ill but are asked by the health department to quarantine for 14 days to watch for symptoms. If someone under quarantine does develop symptoms, individuals with close contact to them from up to 48 hours before symptoms develop are then their close contacts, which is how the virus continues to spread. Most of the time, people are contagious before they recognize symptoms. However, if the identified individuals stay in quarantine, chances are we will stop or slow the spread because the only new close contacts will be those in their family. With the high school in remote learning for two weeks, we hope we can get a reset on this. Just like the popular children's book, "We're Going on a Bear Hunt", we can't go over it, we can't go under it, we just need to go through it!! We are building the best plans possible to keep everyone healthy and in school as much as we can. Stay healthy and remember to wear your masks, wash your hands, and maintain physical distancing when possible!
20 days ago, Selkirk School District
BUS UPDATE FOR WEEK OF 11/9-11/12: The blue route will be combined with the orange, green, and purple routes for the remainder of the week just as it was today. Remember no school on Wednesday, November 11 which is Veterans Day!
21 days ago, Selkirk School District
BUS UPDATE FOR MONDAY, NOV. 9: The blue route will be combined with the orange, green, and purple routes on Monday only. Bus times could vary for those 4 routes by five minutes. Blue route students will be picked up by the other three buses. All bus stop locations remain the same. This change is unrelated to our move to remote learning at the high school....we simply have a shortage of substitute bus drivers! Let us know if you care to apply!
24 days ago, Selkirk School District
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Check out the 6-minute Selkirk School District video update for November 6, 2020. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYD7ZHshPrQ
24 days ago, Selkirk School District
We knew it was not IF we had to face COVID, but WHEN and it seems the time is now. A high school staff member tested positive for COVID late this afternoon. In larger districts, close contacts are simply quarantined and school continues. However, in a small district the number of close contacts who must quarantine leaves us with too many missing staff members to operate grades 6-12. Therefore, starting Monday, November 9, middle school and high school students will move to remote learning (at home) for two weeks. In-person school for grades 6-12 is scheduled to resume on Monday, November 23. Students in grades 6-12 who would like to pick up a free breakfast/lunch at 11:00 a.m. at the high school on Monday, should call 446-3505 by 8:30 a.m. each morning to order a meal. Any student who is determined to be a close contact of the staff member will receive a phone call from the school. Students in grades K-5 at Selkirk Elementary will continue to attend in-person school for now.
25 days ago, Selkirk School District
SURPLUS TREES FOR FIREWOOD Thanks to the windstorm this fall, several trees on school property were blown over. The wood has been declared surplus, and will be auctioned. Sealed bids will be accepted at the Selkirk District Office through 1:00pm on December 16th. Visit the NEWS section on our website for details (www.selkirkschools.org)
27 days ago, Selkirk School District
Another fun and successful Halloween celebration at Selkirk Elementary...even though it was a little different this year! Don't worry...we posed for less than 15 minutes and then immediately moved 6 feet apart! What a great bunch of respectful students we have here! Ask your kids about our "Zoom Assembly" and their new "dog tags"! Selkirk Elementary Staff is wishing you all a safe and happy Halloween weekend!
about 1 month ago, Selkirk School District
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October 27 - Purple Bus is having some mechanical issues so other drivers are picking up students. All routes will be slightly off this morning. Sorry for the inconvenience! Thank you!
about 1 month ago, Superintendent Nancy Lotze
Selkirk 6-12 drama and music students are putting together a video about local veterans. We are seeking veterans to interview as well as photographs of local veterans, living and deceased. Photos, along with full name, branch of service, and dates of service can be emailed to Ms. VanDyke at cvandyke@selkirkschools.org or can be dropped off at the either school to be scanned. Thanks for your help!
about 1 month ago, Selkirk School District
After the first full week of school for students in grades 1-12, we have posted a video on our future plans. Please check it out: https://youtu.be/loA5TPcaZTw
about 2 months ago, Superintendent Nancy Lotze
We would like to remind everyone to be at their bus stop 5-10 minutes before scheduled pickup time. Our bus drivers have a bit more to handle this year and your cooperation is essential to make sure all our students arrive at school on time. Your help and understanding is appreciated!
about 2 months ago, Selkirk Schools
Selkirk Moving Back to 4-Days Soon! Check out the video update for details: https://youtu.be/NJ64c-XczDI
about 2 months ago, Superintendent Nancy Lotze
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We wanted to make you aware of the wi-fi hotspots that have been installed by the PUD in our community: • Tiger*: At the Tiger Historical Center, corner of Hwy 20 & Hwy 31. • Ione: Waterfront Park, 410 Main St. • Ione: Across from PUD Warehouse, corner of Central & Millyard Rd. • Metaline: Between the Mini Mart & Visitor’s Center, 116 Hwy 31. • Metaline Falls: Outside the Cutter Theater, 302 Park St.
2 months ago, Selkirk School District
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It was brought to our attention tonight that KHQ News was listing positive COVID cases for Selkirk Middle School. That is not OUR Selkirk Middle School. Believe it or not...there are two schools with that name...ours and a Central Valley School District middle school located in Liberty Lake just outside of Spokane. That is the school with positive cases. Please be assured that if there were positive cases in our districts, our staff and parents would be notified prior to the news outlets! Take care and feel free to contact us with any questions you have!
2 months ago, Superintendent Nancy Lotze
We do plan to hold school tomorrow but there will be no outside recess (K-5) or outside PE (high school) because of air quality. If parents are not comfortable sending students to school we'll mark them parent-excused. It is simply that the Monday/Tuesday group only had one day last week also, so, we'll be there ready to teach the students who do arrive! At the elementary, we'll hold lunch recess in the gym without masks and elementary teachers will have a extra long breakfast so students riding buses get a good break from masks. High school and middle school will have only inside lunch until the air quality improves. We are hoping for a little rain this week which should clear the air a bit!
3 months ago, Superintendent Nancy Lotze
Today was a successful "First Day of School" for the Wed/Thurs group of students! Even with the personal safety restrictions, it has been great to have students in the building and on the playground this week! Hoping that families are adjusting to the schedule as we get the year started. Remember, Monday, September 7 is a holiday so no school for the Monday/Tues students that day.
3 months ago, Selkirk School District
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It has been a great first day of school for the Monday/Tuesday group! Can't wait to do this again on Wednesday for Wed/Thurs students! Thanks for sharing your children with us today!
3 months ago, Selkirk School District
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1st Grade classroom