Selkirk Elementary Title I Building Parent Involvement Policy

    1. This building policy will be made available to parents annually.
    2. Annual notification/meeting to parents of their right to be involved in Title I Schoolwide program.
    • An Open House is available before the beginning of the school.  All parents are invited. All specially designed programs are described to parents at that time.
    • All teachers conduct student led parent conferences in the spring with teacher-led conferences in the fall. Parents are encouraged to attend through newsletters, telephone calls and flyers.  Appointments are made by the school secretary.  Changes in times and dates are accommodated.
    • Family Night activities will be conducted three times per year.  At Family Nights, handouts will be available with information that may include: description of the schoolwide program, curriculum information, handouts with tips for parents, ways for parents to help their child with math or reading, web page and links for parent and student use, materials and manipulatives for math and reading, the Parent Involvement Policy.
    • Program materials are also available for parent review at open house, at conferences, and as desired during the year. 
    1. Offer a flexible number of meetings, such as meetings in the morning or evening.
    • Parents are able to schedule a time for student led conferences at a time that is convenient for them. 
    • All staff are available before and after school if parents wish to discuss programs.
    • Parents may schedule a separate time to meet with the Title I staff/principal to review specially designed programs. 
    D.    Involve parents in an organized, ongoing and timely way in the planning, review and improvement of programs including the school parental involvement policy.
    • Parents have the opportunity to review and revise the program and the parental involvement policy on a regular basis through the building Advisory Site Council.
    • A survey is sent home to parents in the spring. The outcome of the survey is taken into consideration for Title I program design and implementation.
    • Title I/LAP staff will respond to parent inquiries, requests, and suggestions in a timely manner. Responses may be by phone, in person, by letter, or by email.
    • Parents will have the opportunity to review and suggestion revisions of the program and the parent involvement policy throughout the year at Family Nights and Parent/Teacher Conferences.   
    E.    Timely information.  Staff shall provide assistance to parents to: understand academic content standards and State student academic achievement standards, assessments, how to monitor a child’s progress and work with educators to improve the achievement of their children
    • Brochures and pamphlets regarding State standards, how to work with your child, and other educationally relevant information are available in the entryway of the building and may be provided to parents during conferences when appropriated.
    • The SIP (school improvement plan) is available on the school website.
    • Report cards in grades K-6 are based on a checklist of skills which are aligned with state standards.  These checklists are shared with parents at conferences.
    F.   Parent input on the schoolwide plan.
    • Parents have the opportunity to review and revise the schoolwide plan through the building Advisory Council.
    • The School Improvement Plan is reviewed in an open, public board meeting prior to approval. 
    G.  The school shall jointly develop with parents a school parent compact that outlines how parents, school staff, and students will share the responsibility for improved student academic achievement.
    • A draft of the parent compact is prepared by the Title I teacher and reviewed with the Advisory Council.
    • Students review the compact as part of the Student-Led conference program and are encouraged to make suggestions and changes.
    • Parents are presented with the compact at conference time and are encouraged to make additions or changes at any time.