4-Day School Week Waiver Approved
    Our 4-day school week waiver has been approved by the State Board of Education! Our survey, which was open through March 8, included 106 responses. 6 people voted that they had no opinion and removing those left 90 supporting and 10 opposing. 90% approval is very strong so we are on our way to a 4-day school week for 2017-18!! The school board will adopt an official calendar at their March board meeting and it will then be posted on our website, published in the school newspaper, and sent home with students at conferences.

    What started as way to attract a quality applicant pool to replace retiring teachers has blossomed in to a plan that has the potential to positively affect the educational program at Selkirk by reducing interruptions to the school day and increasing quality instructional time. In looking for a way to make Selkirk unique, something that might attract a workforce or keep teachers who are reaching retirement eligibility a little longer while the state grapples with education funding and the overall teacher shortage, a four-day school week was researched.

    Based on staff and preliminary community support at the meeting on February 22, the district plans to pursue a four-day school week waiver with the State Board of Education. There are still details to work out but staff have already spent time examining different instructional strategies to insure student engagement in a longer day, discussing appropriate homework expectations, and deciding on limiting sports practices to no more than two hours.

    If the waiver is approved by the State Board of Education on March 8-9, the district will be begin advertising the four-day school week as part of all job announcements shortly thereafter.

    Click here for a Summary of the 4-Day School Week

    Click here for the official Board approved 4-Day School Week Calendar

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    Click here for a summary of Parent/Community comments with supporting comments from the survey as of 2/28/17 (9:00 a.m.).  Survey results will be updated periodically until March 8 when the survey closes.